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Advocate simple clothes in the field of cosmetics: make environmental protection more interesting

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Advocate simple clothes in the field of cosmetics: make environmental protection more interesting

Recently, the sustainable development research published by the Kaidu Consumer Index shows that: in the world, environmental activists account for 20%, environmental considerations account for 39%, and environmental waiters account for 41%, and the proportion of environmental activists and environmental considerations is not low in China. As the public's awareness of sustainable development continues to deepen, environmental protection topics are also concerned in the upstream and downstream of the cosmetics field.

When it comes to environmental protection of materials, Shiseido, a world famous beauty and skin care brand, officially launched a new high-end skin care brand "BAUM" in Japan in May 2020. BAUM's brand concept is to advocate natural environmental protection, draw strength from nature, and let consumers feel a more fresh and natural skin care experience. Speaking of packaging environmental protection, recently, relevant government departments in Shanghai carried out spot checks on commodity packaging measurement supervision of multi category products sold on five platforms, including Tmall and Taobao. According to the test, cosmetics were over packaged in 7 batches, with 70% unqualified, which was the highest unqualified rate among all commodities. China's vigorous inspection and punishment of the packaging market can be seen that both the world and China are actively encouraging and guiding consumers to use green packaging and reduced packaging. As a brand positioning and marketing strategy expert who has worked hard in the industry for many years, Ms. Zhu Hui is particularly good at brand repositioning and localization marketing strategy formulation after foreign enterprises enter China. With years of industry experience, Zhu Hui has successfully operated marketing cases that have a great impact in the industry, especially in the fields of automobile, cosmetics and e-commerce, and has made outstanding contributions. He has been highly praised by customers, and many of his cases have ignited public opinion in the industry, become benchmark cases in the industry, and won many awards in the industry.
In the field of skin care and cosmetics packaging in China, Zhu Hui is one of the first strategic marketing experts to pay attention to product environmental protection, and has already provided local environmental protection strategies for those beauty brands that take the lead in adapting to the trend of the times to start dressing up for "over packaged" skin care products and cosmetics, and worked with brands to help Chinese consumers change their attitude towards over packaged beauty products, and gradually began to accept skin care The simple packaging of cosmetics products has set off a "big change" in the packaging of skin care products and cosmetics in China.
Environmental protection is the attitude of enterprises and individuals, a sense of belonging and expression
Previously, as a common fast moving consumer goods, exquisite packaging was an important factor for skin care products and cosmetics to attract consumers' attention. Therefore, enterprises will also focus on the personalized design of product packaging during production. However, cosmetics and skin care products are fast moving consumer goods after all, and their packaging is rarely worth collecting. No matter how beautiful the empty bottles of cosmetics are, they will be discarded. According to the survey, the cosmetics industry will produce 2.7 billion waste plastic empty bottles every year.
Waste cosmetics are mostly disposed by landfill and incineration. Similar to plastic boxes, plastic cosmetic packaging is difficult to be degraded by soil. After incineration and decomposition, harmful substances contained in plastic volatilize in the air, causing air pollution. The glass cosmetic packaging bottle needs to be sorted and recycled to achieve the effect of recycling. The concept of simple packaging of skin care products is not only a conscience oriented enterprise's attitude towards social environmental protection, but also a profound understanding of environmental protection issues by people with increasing environmental awareness. Products that prefer to use environmental protection/simple packaging are also an expression of environmentalists' own understanding. However, the pain point of the industry is that consumers' awareness of environmental protection lags far behind the awareness of action. The strategic solution Zhu Hui needs to provide in the industry is how to make 80% of the environmentalists and waiters really take action.
Environmental protection is not a sacrifice, but a cool thing
With more and more overseas environmental protection brands entering the Chinese market, the environmental protection actions of the domestic cosmetics industry have been awakened again and again. Affected by the epidemic and social progress, consumers' values are changing. According to the survey, the proportion of environmental protection supporters among consumers in China will reach 53% in 2020, which means that consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainable development, and their awareness of environmental protection is also gradually enhanced. Under the current consumption concept, consumers continue to realize that skin care products are inseparable from sustainable development.
Zhu Hui keenly discovered a major trend of skin care consumption: consumers' demand for environmental protection of skin care products has risen step by step, indicating that they are not satisfied with simple consumption, but need to meet their emotional and spiritual values. Such demand upgrading is an opportunity for emerging brands, and has a directive significance for getting rid of the inner volume. In the known sustainable field, brands can try to change the environmental protection production process, replaceable packaging materials or environmental protection materials. Therefore, it is not a sacrifice to do environmental protection in any industry at present, but it is very meaningful.
For practitioners like Zhu Hui who have foresight and strategic thinking, the call to action of environmental protection should not only focus on the publicity of its macro social value, but also start from a young age to create the value of personality expression and advanced life ideas brought about by environmental protection from the perspective of consumers themselves. Proceeding from the young attitude and insight of a new generation of Chinese consumers, Zhu Hui understands that environmental protection action itself needs to be interesting and interactive, so that young people are willing to participate in it, and use social marketing strategies and methods to turn it into a social currency and become part of the trend culture of young people.
With the joint efforts of marketing experts like Zhu Hui, more and more skin care and cosmetics brands at home and abroad can use professional marketing theories and plans to promote environmental protection and value guidance. Environmental protection and sustainability are valuable undertakings. Although various enterprises of environmental protection packaging of skin care products are still in the process of exploration, it is precisely because Zhu Hui, an explorer and pioneer with an open attitude towards environmental protection, shares practical experience with the industry that can continuously promote the sustainable development of the industry.
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