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Accelerate the implementation of green and low-carbon lifestyle

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Accelerate the implementation of green and low-carbon lifestyle

The 27th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform proposed that we should strengthen the people's awareness of saving, promote a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, oppose extravagance, waste and excessive consumption, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of people advocating saving.

Promoting a green and low-carbon lifestyle is not only a way to inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of thrift, but also a practical need to build an ecological civilization and help achieve the goal of "double carbon". It is also an important means to adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading, promote supply side structural reform, and cultivate new economic growth points.
The implementation of a green and low-carbon lifestyle can significantly reduce the carbon emission intensity of terminal consumption. In the post industrial economic society, the direct and indirect energy consumption of residents in some developed countries has exceeded that of industrial sectors including industry, commerce and transportation, becoming the main growth point of carbon emissions. In China, the growth rate of residential energy consumption has exceeded that of industrial energy consumption for many consecutive years, and the proportion of residential energy consumption in total energy consumption has basically remained above 20%. It is expected that the proportion of carbon emissions of residents in the national carbon emissions will continue to increase in the late industrialization period. Only by guiding the whole people to participate widely, consciously saving water and electricity, low-carbon travel, and putting an end to food waste, can we achieve higher quality economic growth with lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.
In addition, the public's low-carbon value orientation and consumption preference play an important role in promoting the production behavior of enterprises. Guiding the public to widely understand and practice the green and low-carbon concept will strongly promote the transformation of development methods in energy development, industrial production, transportation, urban and rural buildings, and is also the key to promoting the implementation of carbon reduction policies such as renewable energy development, new energy vehicle and ship substitution, and low-carbon building development.
At present, there are still many constraints to the implementation of green and low-carbon lifestyle. From the perspective of policy, relevant legislation cannot meet the needs of production and market circulation of low-carbon products. From the market point of view, the supply of green and low-carbon consumer products is insufficient. Whether it is green food, energy-saving products, green buildings, public transport or environmental labeling products, the scale is relatively small, far from becoming the mainstream of necessities for food, clothing, housing and transportation. In addition, consumers' awareness of low-carbon consumption is insufficient, their willingness is not strong, and their consumption ability is weak.
Carbon emission in the consumption field is becoming a key area of carbon emission reduction policy management innovation. It is particularly urgent to bring low carbon consumption into the decision-making level of the government and formulate low carbon consumption strategies and action plans in line with China's national conditions. Through the innovation of consumption concept and the transformation of consumption mode, we should guide the transformation of consumption from incremental to high-quality, and realize the people's yearning for a better life at a lower carbon emission level.
To enhance the people's awareness of saving and promote a green and low-carbon lifestyle, we need not only the strong promotion of the government, but also the cooperation of the whole society. We should further expand the breadth and depth of green and low-carbon publicity and education, and promote the promotion of green and low-carbon awareness of the whole society. Advocate energy conservation in the whole society, carry out demonstration and creation of green and low-carbon social action, and accelerate the formation of a good pattern of public participation. We will resolutely curb extravagance, waste and unreasonable consumption, create a new style of green and low-carbon life in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and quickly form a green and low-carbon lifestyle in the whole society.
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